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Welcome to Jadeela

About Us

Jadeela is an Egyptian corporation Founded in 2021, with a seasoned and stable management team, focused on delivering long-term value for our customers, suppliers and key stakeholders. Our company plan is to grow and expand its global footprint to strategically serve our client’s needs.
Our company plan is to grow and expand its global footprint to strategically serve our client’s needs.
At Jadeela, our mission is to Build Reinforced Ideas. We are committed to contribute in creating structures to stand a lifetime by producing the highest quality of Steel strands.

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Jadeela strives to be the supplier of choice for steel wire reinforcing products for concrete construction applications in the region by delivering superior value to our customers. 

Our manufacturing facilities employ the latest advancements in technology such as first-time introduction of IGBT Induction furnace equipment, which allows us to minimize scrap during changeover.

The all-new energy efficient design of induction furnace helps us to achieve lower power consumption to serve our customers in a most cost-effective manner.

Given the highly competitive nature of our business, we are intensely focused on operating as the optimum cost producer and minimizing the costs associated with converting hot-rolled steel wire rod, our primary raw material into finished product.

Considering the substantial investments in our facilities and our advanced manufacturing practices, we believe that our unit conversion costs compare favorably with any of our competitors – domestic or offshore.

Underlying our manufacturing activities is a sophisticated information systems infrastructure such as Industry 4.0 IIOT , Industrial Internet of things ,  Digitized manufacturing that provides us with a broad range of performance metrics and decision-support tools to continually monitor at site and remote also  and fine tune our processes. With hardware for automation and Cloud based Mindsphere application from Siemens software help the team to achieve productivity to the industry best.

We  are committed to provide the highest quality product, competitive prices, prompt and reliable delivery, and highly personalized customer service.

The following key principles are essential to our success:

  • – To operate in close partnership with our customers and suppliers. Our customers are our main focus.
  • – To achieve and maintain leadership positions in our markets and operate as cost-efficient producer.
  • – We maintain a trusting and participative work environment throughout the organization, adhering to the highest standards of ethics,     professionalism, commitment and excellence.
  • – The safety of our people is of paramount importance.  We operate highly productive manufacturing facilities and provide exemplary products   and service to our customers without compromising the safety of employees.
  • – We seek continuous improvement in all of our business processes and activities.
  • – We provide our people with the appropriate resources, including training, technology and business infrastructure and most important, latest   Software in all areas of operation IIOT, SQC , ERP that are required to be the supplier of choice to our customers.
  • – We continually pursue growth opportunities that further our penetration of the markets that we currently serve or expand our geographic footprint.

World-Class Manufacturer

Our manufacturing facilities employ the latest advancements in equipment, which allows us to minimize changeover times and service our customers in a cost-effective manner.
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